Dancehall Queen Danger leaves Team Spice

January 25, 2018
Dancehall Queen Danger (foreground) and deejay Spice.
In a file photo, Dancehall Queen Danger (front, stooping) with Team Spice members (from left) Stacy Xpressionz, Spice and Shelly Xpressionz.

Dancehall Queen (DHQ) Danger has confirmed that she is no longer a member of Team Spice. When THE STAR contacted the dancer, she confirmed that she was no longer working with Spice but refused to comment on what has caused the break-up.

"That's correct (the break-up) but I don't want to elaborate on it at this time," she said.

After a few changes to her official Instagram page, rumours began circulating that Danger had parted ways with Spice and was no longer a member of the entertainer's dancing trio.

An inside source first pointed it out to THE STAR that Danger had removed the Team Spice subhead from her introductory information on Instagram.

Checks to the dancer's page confirmed this as the dancer is now going by the name 'DHQ Danger Unruly', and has replaced the Team Spice in her info with 'Team Danger'.

Her number is also now included for booking purposes.




These changes also followed a recent post by the dancer, in which she expressed that it was 'time to unlock new levels' and that she was ready to spread her wings.

THE STAR's inside source revealed that Spice and Danger parted ways approximately two weeks ago, but could not pinpoint a reason for the split.

THE STAR contacted Spice for a comment which she promised to give, but, up to press time, there was no word from the entertainer regarding the situation.

The split comes a few weeks after Team Spice celebrated their three-year anniversary as Spice's dance group, and comes on the heels of the entertainer gifting each of her dancers a hefty cash bonus for Christmas.

Considering the close-knit relationship the entertainer has shared with her dancers over the years, social media users have begun asking questions and have pinpointed differential treatment, money issues, and wanting to work with other artistes among the reasons for the split.

However, even through the speculation, social media users have been encouraging the dancer and the entertainer to settle whatever issues they have been having and reunite.

Pointing out that Team Spice has changed the face of entertainment at street dances and stage shows, fans are hoping the split is temporary.

Checks carried out by THE STAR also showed that neither Spice nor Danger have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

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