Patrons go 'Stress Free' for the new year

January 25, 2018
No stress here. A patron rocks to the music.
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Pinky (right) gets up close and personal with her male friend.
Majorie-Ann Keys struts her stuff.
Justice (right), promoter of Stress Free Fridayz, shares a light moment with a patron.
Patrons react to the music being played.
Lady Shy poses for the camera.
The adorable Shan was rather sultry in prints.
Kerry Upsetter flashes a smile.
This hottie seems rather happy to be at the party.
This diva brought a bit of elegance to the pool party.

Patrons continued their New Year celebrations as they partied all night at Stress Free Fridayz: The Wata Party Edition, which was held at Bournemouth in East Kingston last week.

"This party is a well attended event, and I thank the patrons for the their support for 2017, and we wish for a successful partnership for 2018," said Justice, the event's promoter.

He added: "This party was originally scheduled for Boxing Day (December 26, 2017), however due to the upsurge in violence in the Kingston Eastern Division, we decided to postpone the event and until this date (January 19)."

He explained that the party has been held in various sections of East Kingston, including the Mountain View area. Since crime has reared its ugly head, Bournemounth Beach and Pool has seen a number of parties in recent times as party promoters try to avoid the crime hotspots.

Here are highlights from the party.

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