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January 27, 2018
Contributed Montari
Ijah Maakie

Montari drops new single 

Montari has released his new single Downtown Street Anthem.

The track promotes self-reliance and encourages people to work hard to attain what they want in life.

"The song talks about the struggles of the hard-working Jamaicans while encouraging them to continue in their efforts until they become successful ... people need to know the value in working towards their goals," he explained.

Plans are currently under way for a music video to be shot and released in February.

Ijah Maakie releases EP

Reggae singjay Ijah Maakie (given name Quwayne Dwyer) has released his first major work, a four-track EP titled First Impressions, along with a video for one of the tracks.

First Impressions consists of Conscience Killer, Vibes Tun On, You and Me, and Want to Grow His Natty, for which a video has been getting rotation on YouTube channels.

"The EP shows my different sides and has something for everybody. Conscience Killer and Want to Grow His Natty are cultural songs, Vibes Tun On is a clean party song, and You and Me is a love song, so we have something for everybody," Maakie said.

The artiste, who calls himself the 'aggressive lion' because of his style of delivery, believes he can get people to view Jamaican music in a more positive light. This year, he says, he will focus on promoting himself and his music as he seeks recognition.

Chaps has 'Dream' for Mountain View

New kid on the block Chaps, 19, has been turning heads in the Mountain View community and gaining street cred for his single Dream.

The song speaks to having patience and putting in hard work to be successful. The young artiste, who started in music when he was 13, wants to be the next breakout artiste to give back to his community through his success.

Chaps, who released his mixtape entitled Uncensored in late 2017, wants to create change for Mountain View.

"I have big dreams. In my community we built a small studio to keep ourselves and others out of trouble. Even though we live in the ghetto we have to create opportunities for ourselves," he said. "Not many doors are opened for us as ghetto youths; we must build our own. So Dream speaks to our overall goals in music. We affi mek it, dat a fi wi dream."

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