All fun at Pub 69

January 29, 2018
Deandra Morgan and Marlon Hugh joke around at Pub 69.
Bartender, Lacy-Ann Brown flashes a nice smile.
The popular Pub 69 in Byndloss, St Catherine.

It is often said that entertainment can be therapeutic in how one unwinds after a hard day's work.

And since opening its doors in June 2016, Pub 69 has become a game-changer in bar life entertainment along the Byndloss community in St Catherine.
The local watering hole is located along the heavily utilised roadway, and THE STAR was told it has been gaining steady traction on the business block which is quite competitive.

"I like to hang out here as there are fun-loving individuals around, I also find that the patrons here is of all age group flocking to get a piece of the vibe," said Deandra Morgan, a patron.

"We cater for the customers' enjoyment," said Denrick Wright, human resource manager. "Whenever you visit us here at 69, we find that persons comes here to unwind and forget their problems, so we entertain them." 

He said that since its opening, the entertainment package has constantly been tailored toward customer satisfaction. 

So whether it's the wish for some domino games or to simply sit and have a cold beverage, it's all available at Pub 69.

"There are those who like to come and lyme with friends while sipping a cold beer. There are those who just want to have some white rum and other just enjoy themselves by listening to music. Plus on weekends our customers become entertainers at the karaoke," said bartender Lacy-Ann Brown.

Patrons say on Saturdays, the place is full to capacity at the weekly karaoke.

"Di food wa dem cook taste better when yu under di rum, plus di karaoke fans dem a entertain you inna 'Pub 69 style'," said another patron Melvin Dawes.

Other persons said they feel comfortable in the settings, hence why they keep coming back.

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