Esco collabs with Bounty Killer

January 29, 2018
Bounty Killer in performance at the Women's Day concert last year.

Although he has mainly been working in the industry as a producer, Esco who got his musical introduction as an artiste, never stopped recording.

Now having landed a collaboration with Bounty Killer, the entertainer is once again making the rounds as a recording artiste.

In an interview with THE STAR, Esco revealed the song was never meant to be a collaboration as he had been working on it for Bounty Killer as a solo track. 

“I saw the drought that no gyal song had been released by Killer in a while so I started to pen something for him on the project,” he said. “Then the writing kinda eventually sound like myself and when I actually did the demo to make Killer hear it a lot of people said ‘yow you should just keep yourself on the song too’."

Bounty Killer then said he and Esco were overdue to do a song together. 

Esco said the song called Bad Winer has been doing well and expects the momentum to pick up as people gravitate to it in the streets.

“It is a big hardcore street song fi di gyal dem bruk out and dance. It is for the culture rising now in dancehall where the girls doing all these wonderful moves, even though some of them a little bit edgy, they’re still creative so di song is celebrating the baddest girl, the baddest winer. It’s a good vibe,” he said.

There are plans to work on a music video for the track but Esco explained that isn’t concrete just yet. He said the song is part of a rhythm that also has other projects on it and there have been discussions to have a medley video.

“The rhythm is called Bounce Suh. It will be out on all digital platforms in the next two weeks. It also features Pamputtae, Embasc and Talis and Sanjay and Shelly Belly," he said.

Dancer DaniiBoo also has a dance of the same name as the rhythm.

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