Toots collabs with his grandson

January 30, 2018
Toots Hibbert (left) and his Trevado 'King Trevy' Hibbert.

Reggae icon Toots Hibbert has teamed up with his grandson, Trevado 'King Trevy' Hibbert, to release a new single, Ten Shillings.

The single is King Trevy's first official song.

"My grandson Trevado is a star. He can write good songs, and the name King Trevy fits him, as he has a lot of great music in him that don't come out as yet. But with me and producer Nigel Burrell working with him, we are going to do great things," Toots Hibbert said in a release.

Toots actually plays keyboard, guitar and bass on the track, which will be made available on iTunes and other downloadable platforms in February.

"The song is remembering what I used to get for doing music in the '60s. I got bad money, I got nothing, one pound (sterling) notes that couldn't change. I sang several number one songs but got little or nothing, sometimes they would buy me a patty; but I loved the music so much I just did it anyway," Toots said.

King Trevy has been around music all his life. But he was drawn towards mechanical engineering.

"I lost interest in it about 2004 because of a bad experience with a teacher, so I decided to switch my focus to music. I did a lot of underground rap songs, but my grandfather said I am ready now," he said.

He raps and sings as well and admits to being heavily influenced by artistes such as Biggie Smalls, Big Pun, Tupac and Nas. And on the reggae side, he loves Buju Banton, his grandfather, and Bob Marley.

"My music can be classified as hip hop reggae; it is a new style that I have figured out, but I will be experimenting with it more in the lab with Nigel and grandfather in the future," he said.

He will be following up that with his second release, the hip-hop influenced I Can Do It Right.

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