JB Legend on musical high

January 31, 2018
JB Legend

Jamaica-born recording artiste JB Legend is pleased with the feedback to his singles, Up in the Street and 1.80 Caliba, which were released in December 2017 on the 180 Caliba Records label.

"I am trying to stay real to the music. I focus on real topics and try to give the disenfranchised and the poor a voice so that the authorities can know their stories," JB Legend said.

He already has a video for 1.80 Caliba, and there are plans to shoot a video for Up In The Streets next month.

The artiste speaks four languages: Dutch, Spanish, English, and Papiamento (a language spoken in Aruba), but he is more interested in the language of success these days.

"I have been spending countless hours doing music because I want to make it big and make my family proud of me," he said.

The singles will be made available online via iTunes and other platforms.

Born Jermaine Norlando Nugent, he started singing when he was four years old while living in Portmore.

To seek a better life, he and his mother migrated to Aruba, where he started recording music at age 14.

Two years ago, he returned to Jamaica to pursue his dream of becoming an artiste. In Aruba, he won several freestyle battles all over the island at music events, but he always felt that something was missing.

"I returned to Jamaica because I am determined to find my birthright. Jamaica - land we love - is what my heart was missing to inspire me to write the best songs," he said.

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