Kananjah wants to 'fix and set it' in Jamaica

February 01, 2018

Reggae artiste Kananjah recently released 'Fix And Set It', a stirring call to action to save the island's youths from a life of crime and squalor.

"It (the song) is a direct message to the youths to stop gang warfare and it also encourages the government to make the system better to improve the disenfranchised and the voiceless. We have to fix and set it," Kananjah said.

The song includes an urgent plea for the major gangs of St Catherine to end the bloodletting that has claimed countless lives.

"But a reduction strategy for the violence to 'fix and set it' requires us to address the root causes. Violence is a by-product of our social ills; if we fix the social ills that directly affect violence, and set it for future generations, the problem will automatically go away," he said.

Released last year on his own Abba-Taqel label, the song is now available for purchase online via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other online platforms.

Other songs include 'Selassie Bio', 'Purify' and 'Defiance', all of  which were released last month. He plans to release a video for both 'Fix and Set It' and  'Defiance' in February.

Kananjah was born in Spanish Town and fell in love with music at a young age as he lived opposite to a major entertainment venue that hosted several major dances in the 1970s.

He wrote songs for fun at school, but after graduation, he met Mikey Baskin, the son of Tony Brevett, the famous singer and songwriter from the legendary Melodians. Baskin encouraged him to pursue music.

Between 1987 and 1989, Kananjah started to go to various studios including that of the great Joe Gibbs. He recorded his first single in September 1988, a self-produced original called ‘Fix The Puzzle’ which was followed by ‘Solve The Mystery’. But the songs were never released.

In 1996, he migrated to England and continued to hone his craft, recording his first official single ‘Natural And Simple’ in 2006. 




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