Growing kids calms Marvin Di Beast and Nickeisha

February 02, 2018
Celebrity dancers Marvin the Beast (left) and DHQ Nickeisha.

In an attempt to protect their children, dancehall's most infamous dancing couple, Marvin the Beast and Dancehall Queen Nickeisha, has decided to reduce their exposure on social media.

"They're getting older and dem a go YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. My daughter is almost 12 and Nickeisha's son is nine, and dem growing, so we can't make certain things reach dem, so we trying to get rid of some of that negativity," Marvin said.

The couple has been relatively quiet on social media in recent times. Their unusual 'silence' sparked rumours of a break-up as social media users wondered if the two had called it quits on their relationship.

However, Marvin said their relationship is still going strong.

"We're still in a relationship, but we're trying not to make it public like it was before," Marvin said. "People always talk things, and we were just out there too much. I mean, it worked out for us in terms of our careers because good or bad, that was publicity for us, but it just got too much."

Meanwhile Marvin and Nickeisha, best known for raunchy and daring dance moves, are now seeking to make a name as recording artistes.

"We're not putting down the dancing thing because that is our thing and we can't put it down, but our main focus right now is recording songs and developing as artistes," Marvin said.

The duo have released three tracks, one of which is Clean and Fresh.

Marvin said they are encouraged "because everywhere we go we hear people singing it". In addition to the Clean and Fresh single, the pair released Beast Mode and Tek on the Beast.

Marvin and Nickeisha are set to embark on a European tour from February 15 to March 25.

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