No Redemption Live concert this year

February 02, 2018
Patrons enjoying the Redemption Live concert last year.

"A fresh look at how we help to honour the life and work of Bob Marley" was the reason telecommunications giants Digicel gave after revealing that the annual Redemption Live concert would not be held this year.

Instead, the entity will be supporting a day of activities commemorating Marley's 73rd birthday at the Bob Marley Museum on February 6.

The Redempetion Live concert, which usually closes out the birthday celebrations for the reggae legend each year, will not happen this year as Digicel and the Bob Marley Museum are looking to incorporate more people in the festivities.


Far wider audience


Pointing out that only so many people can attend the live concert, Andrew Brown, regional sponsorship manager at Digicel, told THE WEEKEND STAR that supporting the planned activities at the legend's home would reach a far wider audience.

"Every year we take a fresh look at how we help to honour the life and work of Bob Marley. This year, our approach is to support the full day of activities that are part of the 'earthday' celebrations at the Bob Marley Museum," he said. "With this year's theme 'Soul Rebel' being a timely and relevant call for everyone to come together and stand up against violence and divisiveness in society, we are confident that fans all over the world will be drawn even more to the celebrations."

He pointed out that although the big concert may not happen, those who come out to the museum will still be treated to a concert featuring several top reggae acts.

"With all the happenings at the museum, there'll be something for everyone - from an experience of the blowing of the Abeng, to rich discussions on the global impact of reggae and Bob's philosophy, to rousing performances by Skip Marley, Stephen Marley, and a galaxy of local artistes in tribute," he said.

Digicel will be providing live streaming of the activities scheduled for the day so fans from across the globe can get involved in the celebrations. The live streaming will be available on Digicel's social media pages.

The Redemption Live concert has been an ongoing part of the Bob Marley birthday celebrations for the last few years.

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