Hard Wine - and done!

February 05, 2018
This young lady was high on the soca vibe at Hard Wine.
This lovely lady brings meaning to saying when the music hits you feel no pain at Hard Wine, held at Mas Camp,National Stadium, on Saturday.
This group is repped for their home country Antigua and Barbuda.
Overseas- based artistes PeppaCee (left)and Oso (right)were in the house at Hard Wine, held at Mas Camp, National Stadium, on Saturday.
A section of the crowd at Saturday's Hard Wine shows appreciation for the music.
Patrons get down to business at soca part Hard Wine that was held in February.


The soca session, Hard Wine has a serious reputation to live up to. On Saturday it did not fail to provide the mixture of serious 'socaphiles' from various Caribbean countries that makes it a standout event. The STAR's Lionel Rookwood was there to witness the soca people go well hard - and done! (soca style, of course).

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