Savage recovering from near fatal accident

February 07, 2018

Entertainer Savage is today recovering from a car accident that could have claimed his life.

His manager, Richard Roach, told THE STAR that the entertainer suffered some minor bruises from the accident, and explained that based on the condition of the car, the entertainer is lucky to be alive.

"He is very thankful to be alive, that's for sure. He's joyful and upbeat and just overall thankful," he said. "The car he was driving in flipped over in the air three times before it came to a stop. It completely write off, so for him to escape without anything major happening is a miracle."




Roach said that the entertainer was in New York running some errands on Sunday night when the accident happened.

He said that Savage was the passenger in the vehicle and explained that the driver got into difficulty traversing the icy roads and could not get the car to stop when he hit the brakes.

"The driver was trying to stop but the brake wasn't working. Savage told me that in that moment he thought he was dead," he said. "Right now, he's recovering and I'm advising him to slow it down for a bit and rest up."

He said that Savage is encouraging his fans to keep him in their thoughts as he hopes to be up and running again soon.

"He's not feeling much pain because as I said his injuries were minor, but I've advised him to rest because sometimes problems occur long after the accident. But he's in a good space mentally and just wants to be back in full force in the shortest time," he said.

The entertainer announced the accident in an Instagram post on Monday.

He videoed himself inside the ambulance as they transported him to the hospital. Roach explained that the entertainer had good intentions and was not looking to gain attention from the post.

"For people who might be thinking him making a video was a publicity stunt or something to gain attention, it wasn't. He (Savage) was actually videoing himself for his personal catalogue and not to put on Instagram," he said. "However, the news was getting out there and he decided to let people know that he was ok through that video."

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