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February 09, 2018
Anthony Red Rose
Sotto Bless
Chikie Granz

Anthony Red Rose back with uplifting single

Seattle singer/songwriter Davin Stedman and Jamaican dancehall veteran Anthony Red Rose have collaborated on Free Your Mind.

The track encourages listeners to let go of those things that will hold them back and ultimately free themselves from all negativity.

"This song is telling everyone to free their minds from all bad things. Make life your honeycomb," said Anthony Red Rose.

Dancehall artiste Sotto Bless is confident that his new single Boom will help him to move forward on his musical journey.

"I'm currently working on a video for it. We just have a few more scenes to shoot before we edit it and package it for release," he said.

The Wolmer's Boys' School alum is also promoting a single titled No Ordinary Girl.

Sotto Bless banks on Boom

Sotto Bless has several upcoming projects in the works, including an EP titled Mental Therapy, which is slated to be released later this year.

"I'm working on this project with GI Productions from East Kingston. I want this EP to be a masterpiece, so we are taking our time to produce it. We're in no rush," said Sotto Bless.

Chikie Grainz ready to make big splash

Dancehall artiste Chikie Grainz released a new single titled Come After Come on February 1.

The talented 21-year-old, who hails from Trinityville, St Thomas, said that she has been getting much positive feedback on it.

"Trust me, it's burning up the streets. I think this is the song that's going to give me my break in the music business," she said.

Chikie Grainz (whose given name is Chikie Brown) launched her recording career in 2016 with a single titled Tek a Likkle Time.

Since then, she has recorded and released other singles such as Bad Gal and Fall in Love, done in tandem with J Deva.

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