Sponsorship needed to host Trench Town Live

February 09, 2018
Patrons at last year's Trench Town event.
Junior Lincoln

Another Bob Marley concert appears set to bite the dust this year.

Reggae Month organisers yesterday announced that the highly anticipated Trench Town Live event has been cancelled.

The concert, which has been a staple of Reggae Month activities, was due to take place tomorrow. But late yesterday, Junior Lincoln, financial director of the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association, revealed that the organisation would be meeting today to see if there is any way that the concert could still be held.

"We did send out a release that it was cancelled because it definitely won't be on this Saturday again, but call it a postponement for now," he said. "We're hoping to have it later down in the month as it is one of those events that people look forward to each year. It would be a shame to see that in this Reggae Month we cannot host the events that would celebrate the music."

Redemption Live concert, which is normally sponsored by telecommunications firm Digicel, was scrapped this year. That show was held as a birthday celebration for Marley, a reggae legend.




Lincoln pointed out that though they have been having issues with funding over the past few years, the team has always managed to work things out and the concert, though late at times, is still held.

He is hoping to have one of those 'miracle years' again.

"Funding is what it comes down to. This type of event takes money and we need sponsorship to make it happen. It is a big show and we may not need money to pay the artistes, for example, because the people of the industry have always come forward. In all fairness, a show like that does cost on the production side of things," he said. "The Bob Marley Foundation and Ghetto Youth International came in last year and saved the day. They funded most of it and we were very grateful. But this year, we have not been able to get a group or groups like that to come on board in that way."

Lincoln then used the opportunity to appeal to the Government and corporate Jamaica to join hands in helping to make the event materialise; pointing out that Trench Town is the home to many of reggae's iconic singers and should be granted the opportunity to have an event of that magnitude live in the community.

"Three or four corporate sponsors can come out and make it happen. With what is happening with Trench Town, the rebuilding and putting culture first, the world is watching," he expressed. "It would be a shame if we don't have a Trench Town Live."

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