Thugsy Malone ruffles feathers on new single

February 09, 2018
Thugsy Malone

Dancehall artiste Thugsy Malone is generating major buzz with his latest single, 'Call Name'.

" Ah just facts. I am a ghetto reporter; is just what the streets a say," Thugsy Malone said.

In the song, he disses Khago, takes a potshot at Alkaline, takes a stab at Elephant Man, and makes several references to Bounty Killer's ungrateful sons.

"I haven't got much negative feedback as yet face-to-face, but on the Internet, certain fans ah talk up a bagga tings. No artiste nah try page me or nothing," said the artiste, whose real name is Donovan Drysdale.

He said that Bounty Killer called him to offer his personal congratulations for the popularity of the song.

"Mi feel good because ah mi general that. ah long time him believe inna me," he said.

Born in Eleven Miles, Bull Bay, music has always been embedded in Thugsy Malone's DNA. He attended Donald Quarrie Comprehensive High School, then migrated to New York where he later went to Prospect Heights High School.

While attending school in New York, he fell in love with music, and he met up with Shabba Ranks while he was on tour in the US.

The dancehall legend immediately took Thugsy Malone under his wing, where he continued to hone his skill as a recording artiste. He previously released songs such as Wash Away the Pain, My Money, and Still Have Mi Life.

Thugsy Malone is currently under the management of Peter Nar.

"Right now, I am moving towards doing a video for the song ... so it can hit the Internet and cable stations," he said.

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