Freddie, Protoje got too - Ministry says Etana not the first to get support

February 15, 2018
Freddie McGregor

Etana is not the only entertainer to have received a grant from the Jamaican Government under the Tour Support Programme.

Gillian Wilkinson-McDaniel, senior director of entertainment in the 'Babsy' Grange-led entertainment ministry, said on Tuesday that Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, and Freddie McGregor are among the entertainers to have received grants under the programme.

"The aim is to assist the artistes as they perform in diverse cities promoting reggae music, promoting our culture, and encouraging people to come to Jamaica," she said.

Etana was last Friday announced as the first female recipient of financial support under the ministry's Artiste Ambassador and Tour Support Programme. She received a grant of US$5,000 (approximately J$632,800) to support her 32-city tour of the United States.

Many persons have spoken out against the grant to Etana, saying that taxpayers' money could have been better spent. However, the entertainment ministry said that through the programme, which was instituted in 2013, performers who receive support are required to encourage their fans at live performances and online to visit Jamaica and participate in our country's unique cultural and entertainment offerings.

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