Petition started for Bounty to get back US visa

February 16, 2018
Bounty Killer in performance at the Women's Day concert last year.
Bounty Killer

After an article last week where dancehall artiste Bounty Killer expressed that his inability to travel to the United States is affecting his career, a petition has been started by Jamaican rapper/producer Safaree Samuels to garner support in favour of the dancehall artiste's visa being reinstated.

The petition, which can be found on the website, was started approximately four days ago and needs a maximum 5,000 signatures. Already more than 3,000 persons have signed the petition with many stating that it is about time the entertainer be allowed the freedom of travelling to the US for work purposes.

A humbled Bounty Killer told THE WEEKEND STAR that although he is not sure how much of a difference the petition will make, he is happy that someone is willing to do something to bring attention to his case.




"Safaree is a good friend of mine, and he thinks that getting a petition signed could make a difference, so this was all Safaree's idea. I don't even know if it's going to make a difference, but that's what he says he can do in his own capacity, so I let him," he said.

"I have been making all the necessary steps where it's concerned to get back my visa from ever since. I guess I'm just being put on the back-burner, and I have to just wait until God make dem find it inna dem heart to give me back."

Killer then revealed that he hasn't been following up on the progress of the petition, but is not surprised that the target has almost been met in terms of signatures.

"Last time I saw it, it was like 1,500 people who signed it. But I know a lot of people going to sign it, that's expected. It's not like I've done anything out of the way worse than anybody else," he said.




The entertainer noted that he has had trouble with the law in the past, but he has been acquitted of those charges.

"It's been nearly 10 years since I've been keeping on the right track, doing the right things. So, a lot of people going to think that it's fair for me to get back my visa. Thanks to everyone who sign it, and I hope it makes a difference."

THE WEEKEND STAR has been unable to reach Safaree to find out why he started the initiative, but an introductory paragraph accompanying the petition on the website clearly outlined his intentions.

"My Name Is Safaree Samuels From VH1's Hit Television show Love & Hip Hop. I am writing this petition as an advocate for Rodney Pryce, aka dancehall artiste Bounty Killer, to obtain a United States work visa. It has been eight years since Bounty Killer's visa was revoked without reason or merit," a part of the statement read. "Bounty Killer has no felony charges nor has he been charged with any crimes that would make reason for such punishment. He by far is dancehall's biggest/greatest artiste to not only build a career for himself, but also over 20 of dancehall biggest artiste under his tutelage."

Safaree continued by outlining that Bounty Killer has "advocated many times for the education of ghetto youths and also led by example by numerous charitable acts, most recently donating 60 beds to local hospitals in Jamaica."

He added that "as a country, America is seen as the land of opportunity, where if an individual works hard, they will succeed and grow" and pleads for the entertainer to be allowed those opportunities.

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