Raine Seville asks fans to 'think positive'

February 16, 2018
Raine Seville

Dancehall and reggae artiste Raine Seville is hoping her song 'Think Positive' will inspire her fans to believe in themselves.

The artiste said that the record is inspired by Black History Month and is her first official single for 2018.

"I recorded the song in December, but I decided that I wanted it to be released in Black History Month. It is about thinking positive and having confidence. As black people, we have endured a lot of things that have hampered our progress, so we have to work twice as hard," she said. "So given that we are faced with such adversity, it is only right for us to be confident in whatever we do and think positive."

Seville has already captured visuals for the record. She made several stops around the Corporate Area to capture images of various persons working to improve their standard of living.

"Black History Month is a time for reflecting, recognising, and giving thanks for what our ancestors fought for. For that reason, I decided to wear all black in the video. [I wanted] to show respect and encourage people to think positive regardless of the situation," Seville said.

The track was produced by Category 5 Records. The artiste also released another record recently, titled No Clue, which was produced by popular radio DJ/producer ZJ Liquid. That record is also about empowerment.

"It's a track endorsing women who have a great sense of fashion and are able to maintain a clean image at all times, and calling out the ones who are unable to maintain a good physical image," she said.

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