Why would I copy El Chapo? - Zum responds to Notnice

February 16, 2018
Evan 'Zum' Powell
Producer Notnice


Evan Powell, popularly known as Zum, operator of Good Good Productions, has given an official statement on the controversy surrounding similarities between his work and that of fellow producer Notnice.

Notnice accused Zum, who has a rhythm called Life's Path, of taking inspiration from his (Notnice's) El Chapo rhythm.

But Zum told THE WEEKEND STAR that he had Life's Path from 2016, but felt now was the appropriate time to release the project as all his previous work had done their time.

"I have riddims for three, four, five years and when I feel like release dem, I release dem. I was going to release this riddim after the Cure Pain riddim, but it had the same kind of groove and so I waited," he said. "If you do your research and listen to Cure Pain riddim, you will see that my melody for Life's Path was similar to that so if anybody copying anybody, it's him," he said.

Zum said because Cure Pain was doing so well, he decided to wait.

"When I was ready to release a next riddim, the timing wasn't right for the melody and so I changed it and released the Money Mix riddim; that's the one Yanique is on with 'Lifestyle'," he added.

Zum said he didn't even notice El Chapo until people started pointing out similarities in both projects on social media.

"I don't need to copy El Chapo because my last three riddims, I have like eight hits on each of them. Why would I copy a riddim with just two songs?" Zum questioned, saying he is in a league of his own as a producer.

"If I was going to copy anybody, I would copy myself. I feel like it's even a waste of time to even be talking about this because we a talk bout a riddim weh only have two songs on it, it don't even have no hits. Go look a hit riddim and stop talk bout people a copy you," he said.

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