Patrons enjoy Pump It Up party

February 19, 2018
Enjoying the Pump It Up re-launch are (from left) Sharaine and Selena Gardener and Tia Nichole-Evans.
Shanoya Green pours a cup of Pump It Up.
Take your pick! Bottles of Pump It Up line the table, ready for consumption.

Freddy Place on Job Lane in Spanish Town, St Catherine, came alive on Ash Wednesday with the 'Pump It Up' party.

The occasion saw the roots tonic drink taking back its space on the market with renewed vigour.

"It is a product that helps to strengthen the user; it is said to enhance the physical nature of the men and is also great for the females, too," promoter Dean Williams said.

During the day's activities, patrons were given samples, which they readily consumed.

The occasion saw the audience been duly entertained by Blaze Disco, which played a wide genre of music.

"The Pump It Up taste good wid Campari and other drinks, but after you shake it you have a good drink by itself," Tasha Smith said.

The party had some persons dancing, with others lyming, while others just soaked up the energy.

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