Starface to show acting skills on new video

February 19, 2018

Dancehall artiste Starface is set to release a new video for her latest effort, No Free Love.

The Konsequence Music recording artiste said she would be displaying her acting skills in the video.

"This is no average video, it will be like a short film and fans will see my acting side. I know I have a strong personality and so when I put that to acting, there is no telling what can happen," she joked.

The video will be directed by Damanaic Visualz.

Starface may have gained popularity for her controversial debut at Sting in 2015.

However, the deejay, who was not pleased with the negative attention, has turned a new page and wants her success to be based on the merit of her work.

Recently, she reached the million-views mark on YouTube with her single Whine Up, produced by Cornelius Records, and said she is focused on elevating her status in the music industry.

"Since last year, I expressed to my team that I am done with all the drama. I don't want any negative energy around me for the new year, hence the reason I am staying clear of certain things in entertainment," she said. "Right now we have one focus and that's putting in the work and elevating my career."

The artiste said she has been making steady progress outside of Jamaica.

"Well, Whine Up has been viewed over a million times and that is testimony that my music has been reaching ears. I have been putting in work outside of Jamaica and I am starting to see the fruits of my labour. I want to not only break new boundaries, but to also be a trendsetter for other women in the industry, and so I am creating my own lane and pushing through," she said.

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