Musicians' union joins JaRIA

February 20, 2018
Ibo Cooper

The Jamaica Federation of Musicians and Affiliates Union is now a member of the JaRIA (Jamaica Reggae Industry Association) board.

This was made known by JaRIA Chairman Michael 'Ibo' Cooper at the recent staging of the Reggae Month Open University forum.

The union resumed operations in June 2017 after being dormant for many years. Its aims and objectives are the promotion of live music, the improvement of musical talent and working conditions, establishing and maintaining uniform and fair prices for musicians and artistes' services, as well as protecting the interests of all its affiliates.

Cooper said that he is pleased that the musicians' union is now part of the association.

The Jamaica Federation of Musicians and Affiliates Union joins other groups such as Jamaica Music Society (JAMMS), the Jamaica Association of Composers Authors and Publishers (JaCAP), Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes (JAVA) and the Sound System Association, who are all part of JaRIA.

Cooper told THE STAR that with a more unified front, more work can be done.

"If the Government wanted to get the opinion from the industry in the past, they would have to send a letter around to all the various unions to get each

individual response. Now they can just send one letter and we meet, discuss it, and respond as one unit, one voice," he said.

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