M Gee calls for an end to crime and violence

February 21, 2018
M Gee

M Gee is calling for the end of crime and violence in his latest offering, Stop The Violence. The musical vibe is reflective and well recognisable by the distinctive and melodic voice of the singjay.

Released earlier this month, the track sees M Gee belting out powerful lyrics over a smooth beat, which would tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has seen the effects of violence on the society.

"I lost my good friend Unycorn to violence, and that is why I decided to do the song to tell the people of our nation to stop the crime and violence and focus our efforts on the building of our nation," M Gee explained.

The recording artiste wants to use this song to promote a message of unity. Stop The Violence has been receiving amazing reception, with airplay both locally and internationally, as well as at many local events.

The accompanying music video was directed by Xtreme Arts, and will be released later on this month.

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