Nkosi says 'Dem Nuh Real'

February 21, 2018

Conscious recording artiste Nkosi has been trying to build a solid foundation in the music business with powerful lyrics and increasingly impressive performances.

The reggae crooner aims to build up his career with the release of his new song, Dem Nuh Real. Produced by Ireland Records, the track was released late last year and is made available for purchase via VPal.

The single openly speaks about the two-sided nature of some people, and he urges everyone to be careful of whom they put their trust in.

"The song is very relatable. People will hurt you no matter how genuine they seem sometimes. To be honest, this track is very personal to me because I have been in that situation," he said.

So far the feedback to the song has been tremendous, especially since the artiste and his team have been working tirelessly to put the name Nkosi on the map.

"It feels good to put out real music and being appreciated for it. I firmly believe in changing our nation by giving my people something positive things to listen to. My music is a social commentary, and it always embodies positivity through roots rock reggae sounds," he said.

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