Destiny Sparta, Renee SixThirty want women to 'Work It'

February 22, 2018
Dancer Renee Six Thirty
Destiny Sparta

Dancehall artiste Destiny Sparta has released a new single that she believes has the potential to be the next big hit from a female artiste.

In an interview with THE STAR, the entertainer said the song, Work It Work It, was released on February 16. And while it is still fresh, the reception so far has her believing the track is destined to be a hit.

"So far, it's been doing well. Everybody is talking about it, so I definitely expect it to do well based on the public feedback," she said.

"We haven't started to put full promotion behind it and already there's a frenzy behind it, so we expect nothing but the best. It's in rotation on radio, and many females are doing videos vibing to it on social media, so I expect nothing but great things."

The song features dancer Renee SixThirty and was produced by Jay Crazie. It has been making the rounds on social media and has racked up a few thousand views on YouTube.

Destiny also noted that the track is an encouragement to women who are body-shamed because of their weight.

"Many females are body-shamed because they have a few extra pounds, and that was addressed in the song. It's something females who have been through that can relate to, and the song will make them feel sexy and confident in themselves," she said. "It's definitely something they can enjoy themselves to. [They can] Let loose and dance."

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