Shizzle Sherlock speaks his mind in 'Swoosh'

February 22, 2018
The cast lines up to play their part in the video.
Shizzle Sherlock points his 'Money Gun' during the shoot.

"Weh 20 man to a bottle a rum a go? Dem days deh done," Shizzle Sherlock said after completing the music video for his song, 'Swoosh', a collaboration with Iceberg.

Shizzle Sherlock said that for a man to be a 'general' in the dancehall space then his table has to be 'up' meaning that high-end liquors such as Hennessy and Moet will have to decorate his area. This viewpoint is reiterated throughout Swoosh.

"Yuh have some man inna dancehall, as dem brethren put a bottle of rum pon table all 20 man a bomb-rush it. It doesn't look good. Dem days deh done long time," said an adamant Shizzle Sherlock, who is known for his slang, 'Think A Chattinz'.

Meanwhile, Shizzle gave kudos to his musical partner in crime, Iceberg, who once again teamed up with him for Swoosh.

The music video was shot in two locations first at Standpipe in St Andrew and at a popular event called Shoes Swag. The video was directed by Icey Jace, while the song was produced by DJ Ice.

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