Dancers' Paradise: 'Flinging' for a whole year - Ding Dong, Ravers plan to celebrate dance move's anniversary

February 23, 2018
Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers performing at Sabina Park last year.
Ding Dong

Dancer-turned-artiste Ding Dong says he and his Ravers Clavers dance crew are planning something special to mark the one-year anniversary of their magnetic dance move, 'Fling'.

In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, Ding Dong credited the longevity of the song and dance move to the

fact that no one is excluded when it comes to "flinging their shoulders".

"Is a bad dance, a unique dance, and that's why it last so long. Everybody is a part of the whole movement the dance and the song. The dance is a shoulder thing. You can sit down and do the dance," he said.

"You have dances weh bad, but the song nuh so bad, and so yuh don't get the kind of impact you get from a 'Fling'. It's contagious and out of this world because people from all over the globe a do da dance here, and we definitely haffi celebrate it."

The entertainer said that he and his team are currently in discussions about how they will mark the special occasion, but the plans are not yet concrete.

In the meantime, the dancer and his team are celebrating the moment via Instagram.

"We have a hashtag celebrating the one-year anniversary #flingoneyearanniversary where I am selecting a special set of videos from those submitted that I will post on my Instagram page. I've received so many videos, it's crazy. My DM (direct message) full up and is people from all across the world. But it goes to show that the song and dance still hot, and I don't know when the love a go die out," he said.

While there have been other songs with similar longevity, Ding Dong said that he was not

surprised by Fling's success.

"You can't ever tell how long a song is going to last, [but] you can tell when it will be a hit," he said.

"When a song run fi one year without drop none at all and the energy stay one level and don't drop, it's a great accomplishment, and we plan to keep the momentum going for as long as the people will allow. Big up Kool Ravers again and the whole Ravers Clavers. Unuh a di driving force behind da dance here and da movement here."

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