JaFrass to show off versatility with new track

February 23, 2018

Recording artiste JaFrass is promoting his new single Hundred Calls. He explains that the track shows off his versatility and will prove to Jamaica that he is capable of producing more than just 'war songs'.

"I am a lyrical artiste, so always expect the war songs, but we dynamic same way. We creative, and there are different sides to we creativity. People can look out for anything - war songs, uplifting songs, and others. We can't gwaan like say a certain songs alone we have," he said, describing Hundred Calls as a 'party vibes' song.

"When people listen it, dem ago find dat dem wah enjoy dem self. It's just one of those songs that will make you feel good," he said.

JaFrass said that the song has only been out for two weeks, but expressed that based on the reaction thus far, he has big expectations.

"I expect the song to be big. You can always tell if a song is going places based on the feedback it gets from the people," he said. "If the people love your song, you know say yuh find it. Having a song you think bad is one thing, but you will know if it hit by how the people dem respond."

Although the entertainer said that he plans to flood the airwaves this year, he will be giving each song adequate time to dominate the streets.

"As an artiste, you never know which one of your songs will get that big forward innu, so yuh affi continue sending out music. Of course, we plan fi release other tracks very soon, but we want to make sure we give this one its fair share first," he said.

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