Jada Kingdom walks in Nicki Minaj footsteps - Artiste embraces alter egos

February 24, 2018
Jada Kingdom
Nicki Minaj
Jada Kingdom

She has been showcasing several personalities on her social media pages in recent times. She gives them names, and she says that each personality is responsible for a different sound in the music she puts out. She is up-and-coming artiste Jada Kingdom, and she believes, that it is completely normal, smart, even, for entertainers to embrace alter egos.

Kingdom has been making the rounds on the local entertainment scene in the past few months, with many touting her as the next big female act to come out of Jamaica.

"I have a lot of personalities, but the main characters I have are Twinkle and Sally. Sally is more recent. So how it works is that in real life, Jada is very shy and reserved, boring, even, and you know as an artiste you cannot be boring. It just don't work. I find that Twinkle and Sally can do all the things Jada can't, and it may sound crazy, but that's how it works," she told The STAR.

"Twinkle hype and rude. She brawling and outta order. she will chop up the man dem and dem supmn deh," she said, laughing.

"You can tell when I'm twinkle on a track, because you will get that edgy, raunchy, badass behaviour. Sally is not really a singer. she's a writer, but she's fun, and definitely someone you want to be around. So when you hear songs that make you want to dance or be in your feelings, that's Sally."

Kingdom's embrace of her alter egos is not strange by any means. International superstars such as Nicki Minaj and BeyoncÈ have expressed thoughts similar to Kingdom's as it relates to having alter egos. Beyonce's alter ego, Sasha Fierce, is the total opposite of Beyonce. The entertainer once said in an interview that Sasha Fierce would do all the things Beyonce wouldn't dare do.

Nicki Minaj also embraces her alter egos Roman, Barbie, and Martha. They have different styles, and bring something unique to her music.

For Kingdom, embracing alter egos could be the key to unlocking a whole new level of creativity in entertainers, particularly on the local scene.

"I think alter egos are necessary, especially as an artiste. If you are going to be a great artiste anywhere in the world, you have to have an alter ego. No artiste wants to be a boring artiste, but many of us are boring people. I want to be the artiste that people remember and idolise, and my alter ego helps me to be that person."

The singer is currently promoting her Wull On Visual EP. The EP has four tracks on it, two of which (Love Situations and Unwanted) have already been released and are doing very well locally. Wull On is scheduled to be released in the next two weeks. The final track, Best You Ever Had (B.Y.E.H), is scheduled for release after that, but a timeline has not been given on that just yet.

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