Breadback says new rhythm is hit-bound

March 01, 2018
Richard 'Breadback' Bramwell

Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Richard 'Breadback' Bramwell is predicting that his new project will be a scorcher.

The rhythm, dubbed 71 Degrees, was released approximately three weeks ago, but Breadback told THE STAR that based on the responses so far, he believes the project is hit-bound.

"Mi expect it fi do really well enuh, because anything me do, me put in me 100 inna it. My music is good music, and good music always go places. It's just a matter of time," he said

"I would love for the project to do really well in Jamaica, but mi nah really watch the Jamaican market, because music hard fi get played inna Jamaica. The Jamaican dem nuh really value weh we have, so me more a penetrate the international market. Overall, me have good expectations. Mi have some great artistes on the rhythm Sizzla, Louie Culture, Norris Man, Lutan Fyah, and dem people deh. A reggae music enuh, and reggae music lives, so it haffi go places."

On the point of producing good music, the experienced producer had some advice for key players in the industry. Breadback said that the industry needs to refocus. He believes that too much attention is being given to music that is sending out wrong messages.

"It hard fi get good music fi play inna Jamaica. Jamaica right now is just like a hype zone weh only certain people music play pon di radio, and then sometimes dem people deh nah really say nothing good," he said, pointing out that there is a thirst for positive music despite negativity sometimes getting the most attention.

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