Devin breaking boundaries - Artiste featured on lead single for award-winning producer's album

March 01, 2018
Devin Di Dakta (left) and Alexx Antaeus.

"There is no set rule that states that an artiste should stick to any particular genre. Therefore, I will always try to make music that can transcend boundaries."

Those were the words of Grammy-nominated artiste Devin Di Dakta as he spoke about his latest project - a song with award-winning composer and recording artiste, Alexx Antaeus.

Devin Di Dakta will be featured on Antaeus' lead single from his forthcoming album - Alexx Antaeus presents The Riddim Travellers - slated for release this fall. The single, Get Hot, will feature Devin's vocals and will also showcase the artiste's writing skills, as part of the track was written by him.

"Being included on this album is a win for me, because I've always had goals of having international-sounding music from myself placed among others," he said.

"I'm always expecting the highest achievements for myself. I'd rather aim high and miss than to aim low and hit."

Describing the opportunity to work with Antaeus as a learning experience, Devin Di Dakta said that this particular project challenged him musically, as he had to modify his lyrics to allow Antaeus to understand since they spoke different languages.

"He came up with the instrumental, as he thought it would suit my international style. I took it, wrote the lyrics, then went to the studio, and the product is now available for the world to judge," he said. "He is Greek, so I had to tailor my lyrics and melodies, so he could understand what I was saying vividly."

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