Violence dampens party vibes in Linstead

March 02, 2018
The town of Linstead, St Catherine, has been rocked by criminality in recent times.

Immortalised in a folk song for its market, Linstead is rapidly becoming a haven for parties and other entertainment events in St Catherine. However, a string of violence is threatening to dampen the livelihood of the northern St Catherine community.

Javon 'Stingah' Barnes, a party promoter who hosts at least three annual entertainment events, said that he has been feeling the pinch.

"March 17 is Stingaz Paradise, and it is an event that persons anticipate each year, but with all that's going on, the turnout may be affected. The area has been plagued by crime, especially from youngsters," he said.

Stingah told THE WEEKEND STAR that the flare-up of violence has caused some of the parties to be locked off prematurely by the police.

"Sometimes, even with the permit, the police will pull the plug before time. One time, before all a these killings, we could go back until morning. Them tings deh don't happen anymore, and you can't even blame the cops, cause the place a run red," he said.

"If there is a crime in the day and the party is in the night, the promoter is going to lose, because you not going to get a 50 per cent turnout. I have been in that situation twice," he said.

The usually quiet community of Linstead has recorded more than 15 murders in recent months. The police have linked the increase in violence to turf wars and extortion.

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