Patexx makes strong production debut

March 05, 2018

Artiste and producer Rohan 'Patexx' Rankine has made his Journey Music Production debut with the successful release of the Rum and Boom rhythm, the project that features Dovey Magnum's popular Bawl Out.

The rhythm also has other songs like Yard Man by Screechie Dan and Red Fox, Poor Life by Feedo, Like Wow by Badda General, Stay by Ajrenaline, and Patexx's My Friend Dem.

Although the production has been doing well, it is Dovey Magnum's Bawl Out that has been creating quite the stir as a ladies' anthem, being played all over the world.

Now, Patexx is looking to continue his success as a producer with the release of his most recent project, the East 180 rhythm featuring Danielle D.I., Jayds, LV, Itakay, and Alfray.

Danielle D.I.'s Wife Yuh is slowly becoming another hit from Journey Music Production. With the release of the Valentine's Day teaser video, fans are patiently waiting for the official video.

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