DHQ Nickeisha moving on after break-up

March 07, 2018
DHQ Nickeisha

Although she has been mum on the split from Marvin The Beast and the dissolving of their M&N brand, DHQ Nickeisha seems to be moving on with her solo career.

In a recent interview with THE STAR, the dancer revealed that she is now the brand ambassador of Shush, a silent party based in Kingston.

Speaking on her latest endorsement, DHQ Nickeisha said she is focused on developing her own brand from here on, and is therefore, excited about all the prospects this new venture will bring.

"Shush is going to be one of the hottest silent headphone parties in Kingston, and so when they called me and asked if I wanted to be brand ambassador, of course, I said: 'yes'," said the dancer, who will be doing a series of solo events in Europe from April 1 to 30.




"They fit into what I want to do for myself right now. I want to build something for myself, and I believe this is a good start for me. I feel elated because it's kind of an uptown event, and for them to see me, a dancehall dancer and say they want me, I'm happy."

As brand ambassador, DHQ Nickeisha is supposed to bring new ears and eyes to the growing event, something she believes she will be able to do based on her huge social media following and appeal.

"Basically, as the ambassador, I should use my following and get more people to come out to the event. The people love me, so if I tell people to follow this event, they will," she said.

"I go to a lot of parties as a dancer, so I know when an event is good, and Shush is a good party. The vibe a go nice, and of course if Queen Nikki deh roun it can't boring."

The dancer will host her first Shush party on March 31, at D'Amor Hotspot on 80 Constant Spring Road.

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