Jah Frozen gives marijuana lesson in new single

March 07, 2018
Jah Frozen

Jah Frozen, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, was born with music in his blood. As a young child, he saw his biggest inspiration, his father Noel Davey, playing for reggae artistes Damian and Julian Marley.

Discovering his love of music at a young age, Jah Frozen started playing the piano at the age of five.

While a student at Calabar High School, he became a producer and started to go by the name of Ice Mafia. He started his own label, Ice Mafia Productions.

After he completed high school, Jah Frozen attended the University of Technology. His many experiences and the unique people he met at the school inspired him to start writing music that was positive and uplifting.

Among his latest track is Fly Like Birds, which is produced by Still Freezing Records.

"Its a song that explains how I got introduced to marijuana. It also explains the significant role it plays in my life, and it also educates about the health benefits of using it," he said.

He stated that the song also urges the authorities to stop considering the plant as a drug but merely a plant that heals one's soul and stimulate the minds.

Describing his musical style, the entertainer stated that "Jah Frozen is an eclectic musician who puts his heart and soul in creating his music. My music is impacting and it elevates the minds of the younger and older generations," he said.

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