STAR of the Month: Konshens talks shock value - Says he respects Masicka

March 07, 2018
Furtyle Brain


In the past, a number of aspiring dancehall artiste have used shock value in a bid to attract attention to their music.

Some artistes have altered their appearances by bleaching their skin in order to gain attention. Furtyle Brain had goat horns protruding form his head; Linguiss Di Saviour walked around with a heavy wooden cross; and Alkaline has even worn darkened contact lens, which gave the impression that he tattooed his eyeballs.

Konshens, the STAR of the Month, believes that if some of these outrageous things are properly done, up-and-coming artistes may be lucky enough to attract the interest of people and get them to listen to their music.

"It smart. It is a business enuh 'cause dah same black eye deh. Mi respect him enuh because yuh see to do supm like that, I think yu affi believe inna yuself to that level weh yuh wi almost sacrifice anything fi get out and get yuself heard," he said.

But despite the image that these artiste break on to the scene with, Konshens believes that ultimately, the quality of their music will determine the success that they will have in their careers.

"It a guh boil dung to how yuh sound when yuh get heard. If yuh bad yuh a guh disappear like horn man dem, and if yuh wicked yuh a guh become di brand that is Alkaline," Konshens explained.




He argues that branding plays a vital role in an artiste's career.

"Dem thing deh important. I think Masicka did do a thing like that when mi and Masicka split," he said.

"Masicka split strictly fi him image and fi him brand and fi weh him believe inna, and him and Cory decide say this is the direction of dem brand . And mi affi respect that and rate that because that tek a different level a bravery and a different level of just believe inna yuh self and a guh fi it," he continued.

Pointing out that he hold Masicka in high regard, he admits that while the They Don't Know singer is one of the artistes dominating dancehall at the moment, a collaboration between the two is not at the forefront of his mind.

"That is a level of mutual respect. Mi nuh really have nuh intentions or nuh aspiration fi do no music with nuh body. But music is a very magical thing enuh and mi think is a mutual respect. Mi know fi sure me respect him and fi weh him reach now as a yute. Him a run di streets and mi rate dat and respect that," Konshens said.

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