Dancehall inspires Trinidadian artiste

March 09, 2018
Contributed Arielle Alexa


Trinidadian dancehall-pop artiste Arielle Alexa may have grown up on soca music, but dancehall is her focus as she continues to build a career in music.

Giving THE WEEKEND STAR insight into who she is as an entertainer, Alexa explained that as an artiste, she doesn't want to be locked in a box. "I don't want to lock myself into one genre. I love dancehall, R&B, pop, and world music," she said.

"I grew up listening to all of these genres, but soca and dancehall especially are deeply rooted in my Caribbean culture. So, it's only natural that I infuse dancehall into my music. With every song that I do, I ensure that I inject my Caribbean culture into it."

The entertainer also told THE WEEKEND STAR that despite her decision to dabble in genres other than soca, she has not been met with any negativity as it relates to her sound. She credits this to her track record of creating music with international quality.

Alexa, who was recently in the island drawing inspiration for her upcoming projects, revealed that in a bid to achieve an authentic dancehall sound, she recruited the help of several top producers from Jamaica.

"I work very hard on my music and on maintaining a high-quality sound, so how could I not work with Jamaican producers?" she said.

"The ones I've worked with thus far are tremendously talented and have helped me to appreciate the creative process. They are very welcoming and give great feedback and advice. Jamaica has had a huge influence on the global music scene. Jamaican music is in everything, everywhere, and I want to be a part of that."

Arielle Alexa has already been making headway in the local entertainment scene with her single All To Me. The track has the support of local selector DJ Boom Boom and has been making the rounds at several weekly parties, including Boasy Tuesdays and Uptown Mondays.

Pledging her allegiance to more than just the music, Alexa said that she plans to expand the charity work started in her birth country to include Jamaica.

"My plans are global. I want to be successful around the world, not just through music, but through social work," she said. "I want to shine a light on the problems that people are suffering from and show that each and every one of us can help in our own way."


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