Kalado castigates ex-girlfriend

March 12, 2018

Kalado has castigated a former lover, who he feels is the source of his misfortunes, including the revocation of his US visa a few years ago.

"When me look back into it, I wonder if because a dah person mek all of a sudden mek yuh visa gone. I wonder if a dis yah person mek yuh just a meet in all these accidents," he said.

He says the recently released song, Castigate, speaks about instances in his life. In the song, the artiste wishes he could undo getting together with the female friend.

"Act as if they were nice and all for you, and act is they nice and all that, but they not for you. They are just with you for the fame, or di gain or di hype."

The single is joint production effort between Kalado's K.O.G. label and US-based Budja Records.




When asked about the feedback the song has been getting, Kalado told The STAR that it has been positive.

"The response has been great enuh. If yuh check it out on YouTube, you can see the comments."

Kalado told The STAR that the video has been shot and will be released soon.

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