STAR of the Month: Prime Minister Konshens? - Artiste has no interest in top jobs

March 12, 2018
In the 2007 photo, outgoing Chief of Defence Staff Major General Antony Anderson (right) makes his final parade inspection. He is accompanied by Chief of Defence Staff Major General Rocky Meade (centre) and parade commander lieutenant colonel Rohan Johnson.

In exactly one week, Major General Antony Anderson will take over Jamaica's fourth commissioner of police in eight years. His top priority, no doubt, would be to tame the crime monster.

STAR of the Month Konshens, whose father, like Anderson, was an army officer, thinks the most pressing issue affecting Jamaica at this time is crime and violence. However, he said that he would rather stick to music than becoming either the prime mnister or commissioner of police.

"At this point, mi can't see myself doing anything outside of music. That's the only reason," Konshens said, when asked whether he would do any of those jobs.

During a recent interview with STAR journalists, Konshens said that if he had the solution to the growing crime problem he would be the commissioner of police or the prime minister.

"Mi have appreciation for everybody's job. People can stand pon the outside and feel like dem coulda do a better job in anything or every scenario. You know when baller a watch football, di biggest baller deh pan the sideline a watch? I have deep appreciation for every profession and every professional," he said.

Konshens said that having a lazer-like focus on education and family could help tackle crime and violence.

"Nobody nuh really know, but I think we fi start by tackling the whole education [system] and even inside of the house, the way how parents a grow the kids dem, and the fact say most parents so young again, mi feel we fi start from deh suh," he said.

Konshens released his new album, It Feel Good, last week. He is scheduled to depart for his European summer tour in June, which will take him to Greece, Sweden, Germany, Austria and other territories.

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