STAR of the Month: 'Say 'I Do' when yuh ready' ... Konshens gives marriage advice

March 13, 2018

Konshens says that people should not rush into marriage unless they are 100 per cent sure that they are ready for it.

"Me think supmn like dat is not supmn weh yuh fi encourage. Nuh follow nuh fren, nuh follow nuh artiste, nuh follow your father, nobody. Just pree it and see if a supmn weh you wah do," he said.

Marriage and divorce statistics produced by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica indicate that approximately nine out of every 100 marriages that took place in 2015 ended in divorce. The data also shows that the number of marriages in Jamaica fell from 20,910 in 2010 to 15,489 in 2015.

Konshens, who is the Star the Month, wedded his long-time girlfriend, Latoya Wright, last November. That decision no doubt left many female fans heartbroken, but it's a decision the entertainer says he doesn't regret as he was ready to devote himself to Latoya for the rest of his life.

"Me actually married fi bout six years before innu, me just finally married pan paper, but I've been a one-burner," he said. "I'm sure you might assume that I've lived life already where woman is concern, and I was in a position to make a sensible decision without a wonder if me a do the right thing. I know I was doing the right thing," he said.

Having expressed satisfaction in his decision to tie the knot, Konshens applauded all his colleagues making similar moves. He maintains that marriage is a serious decision.

"Dog and puss nuh have the same luck. What is for a next man nuh must necessarily mean it is for you. I can't use my experience and tell a man say dis is how it's going to be for him if him decide fi make such a move. And me nah go look down pan him or look up at him if him a live a certain life or not. Every man must know weh him a do and why him a do it," he said.

By sealing his union in marriage last November, Konshens has joined the small band of dancehall artistes to have said 'I Do'.

Beenie Man and D'Angel went down that road together in 2006, but have since separated. Aidonia, Mavado, Agent Sasco, Kevin Blair from Voicemail, and Shaggy are among the entertainers marrying in recent times. Craigy T, formerly of the dancehall group T.O.K., has proposed to his girlfriend, Tricia Anderson.

Konshens said that when a man makes his woman his wife, it "shows a different level a manliness".

"It show a heightened thinking. Big up to all the artiste dem weh a dweet, and who nah dweet, dem anuh must likkle bwoy either; dem might just nuh like marriage, or dem nuh find da woman deh yet," he said.

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