Wally British expanding her brand

March 13, 2018
Wally British

Keen on expanding her brand, comedian and social media sensation Wally British is about to add podcaster to her rEsumE.

Speaking with THE STAR in a recent interview, Wally revealed that having finally found a manager to help her make smart business moves, she has decided the time has come to do more.

"It has been something I've really wanted to do, but I've never really had anybody behind me. You know how after a while people end up with manager weh know the direction to push them to help dem expand, I didn't have that, so there were things I wanted to do but couldn't," she said.

"I have found that lately. Someone has offered to play that role (manager), and so I'm going to start doing all the things I've been wanting to do. Blair Rich Projects is behind me now, and after meeting up with her and telling her things I wanted to do, it's all been coming in place. She's been able to get everything hooked up. So things are moving forward and we have a date set for the 25th of this month. That's the day we go live for our first show."

For those who are worried that this new venture will somehow alter the Wally British they are used to, the comedian maintained that she will still be her authentic 'straight-talking, no filter self'.

"This will be an extended version of the things I've been doing on my social media since mi buss. So people can expect the same Wally, just on a different platform," she explained.

"There will be things we add in to make it seem like an actual radio show, like giving people the option to call in and discuss things with us, and we will have music thrown in there as well. It's a podcast, so it's going to be streaming live. People will be able to access it through my Facebook account and my website, which I'm putting the final touches on right now."

With people already reacting well to the idea of the comedian having her own show, Wally said that she will use this venture as a learning curb and that it will eventually lead to a spot on traditional radio.

"I'm expanding my brand, and I'm hoping once I master this it will get to a level where I can move into bigger and better things. I'm starting off small, but I hope that it will get out there to a point where others will see me and want to do something bigger and better. People always say: 'When I grow up I'd like to be ...', I'm already grown up, but I want to be like a Miss Kitty, and I hope to get to that level hosting wise."

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