'Wild Gilbert' inspires Savage's new video

March 13, 2018

Although he's not 100 per cent better after a car accident earlier this year, Savage is back on the scene with his 'Whining Works' song and video.

The video, released on his VeVo channel on Saturday, sees the entertainer taking on the role of a news reporter covering the effects of the 'whining storm' caused by the song.

Speaking with THE STAR, the artiste explained that the video takes inspiration from Lovindeer's Wild Gilbert video.

"The idea for the video was my idea and the director went along with it. The Gilbert storm did destroy a lot of people houses and left a lot of people devastated, and Lovindeer song and video did come and tell the whole thing like a story," he explained. " My story is not about devastation in the sense of people losing property ... but it's about a musical devastation because this song is going to be one people won't forget, just like Gilbert. It definitely a go create a storm."

However, unlike Gilbert, he anticipates the 'whining storm' "ago affect the whole Caribbean, USA, Europe, the whole world."

Savage is confident that his latest project will follow his other videos Culu Culu, Jiggle Likkle and Yes Mama, which have amassed more than 11 million views collectively.

"Music is sound but it's also about visuals. If your video complements your song in a new, exciting way it will be a hit. You have to give people something that will stay in their minds. I'm setting a platform for people who do not want to see the typical stuff, they want to be surprised and captivated."

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