Mr Chumps not worried about State of Emergency

March 14, 2018
Mr Chumps

Netspen Entertainment recording artiste Calvin 'Mr Chumps' Clarke is undaunted by the state of public emergency that has locked down his native parish of St James.

"My strategy is to gain fans through constant promotion. My songs, Rule the World and Pray for Me, have been getting a major buzz on popular radio stations, and on Internet radio stations in Brazil, Germany and a few Caribbean islands," he said. Both songs are produced by Montego Bay-based producer Biggz Million Ent.

Mr Chumps said the state of public emergency in St James will not slow down his momentum.

"A lot of events are not keeping till late, but we have to push along with our agenda. We plan to campaign the songs like A Wah Place, and others, by attacking all media avenue," he said. He also plans to promote the song at popular Kingston dances like Bounty Sunday, Uptown Mondays and Boasy Tuesdays.

He will be shooting videos for a project called Buss Me for Netspen Ent this month.

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