Dancehall Hostel brings energy to Jackson Town

March 15, 2018
Tasheka of Dance Expressionz shows her flexibility.
A dancer gets her groove on at Dancehall Hostel.
The Japanese pair of Sarah (left) and Lia show off their moves.
Dancers express themselves at Dancehall Hostel.
Syl Gordon, the proprietor of Dancehall Hostel in Jackson Town, gets some attention from a Dance Xpressionz member.
Dancehall artiste Jus Chris (left), and veteran dancer Colo Colo in the limelight.
Dance Instructor, Stacey Xpressionz (centre) hangs out with fellow dancers.
Team Spice Road Manager Kevin Slaughter and dancer CC, also of Team Spice, share camera time.
Dancehall Hostel attracts many foreigners including (from left) Meskah (Italy), Carlos (Spain), Anna (England) and her namesake Anna (Canada). They are consistent patrons at the event on Molynes Road.

Dancers flood the community of Jackson Town, on Molynes Road for an event dubbed Dancehall Hostel, a hang out for the dedicated steppers.

"The hostel usually has guest from around the world and we cater for their every need," said Syl Gordon, proprietor of the Dancehall Hostel. "We normally have foreigners at our events and local dancers which gives the party a great mix of various cultures."

The dancehall hostel was officially opened five years ago, however the dancers 'hang out' began in December 2017, and is a colloborative effort betwen, Gordon's Dancehall Hostel and Orville Hall's Dance Xpressionz.

The event, which takes place every fortnight, has already become a staple for dancers and patrons around the entertainment circle.

Recently, THE STAR was on hand to bring some of highlights.

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