Social media is the new radio - Nastic

March 15, 2018

Reggae artiste Nastic is banking on social media to catapult his career.

According to the reggae artiste, who has turned to social media to promote his record My Jamaican Girl, radio is a tough place for reggae music. However, better days are ahead.

"If you look at Khago and what he did recently, he was able to rally the people behind his music. At the end of the day, the powers that be will try to control what the people hear; however, the people know good music and once they get the channel to hear it they will tune in," he said.

The artiste also used first-world countries as an example to show that radio power is shifting.

"We need radio and we love radio. But honestly speaking, the time is coming when the shift will be inevitable. If you look in the States you will realise that the hottest radio stations are hot because of their Internet presence and not because of the literal concept of people tuning in to their radio," he said.

Nastic advised artistes to get with the times.

"Veteran artistes are at a huge disadvantage because they are not as computer-savvy, but they have kids so they should get their children involved and get assistance," Nastic said.

My Jamaican Girl is available on all social media channels and on online stores. He said the record is about female empowerment.

"We recently had Women's Day and so I wanted to capitalise on that momentum and show our ladies some love. Jamaican women, and black women on a whole, are some of the strongest beings and we have to pay homage to them, and not just a single day," he said.

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