Amadi begs industry to support new acts

March 16, 2018

Recording artiste Amadi is demanding that the music industry open more doors for young talent.

According to the St Catherine-born act, artistes from the parish struggle to break into the mainstream despite being equally talented.

The youngster, who recently released songs Feeling and Chuck Off, said that the local music industry is more concerned with friendship than talent.

"St Catherine has so many good talents, and it's a shame that we rarely get a fair chance to shine. The music industry needs to focus more on talents instead of who you know and who in your circle. Growing up, I have seen so many good talents go to waste because they didn't get an opportunity. As an artiste, your biggest fear is to possess talent and the world does not get a chance to see it," he said.

As for social media and its ability to make or break artistes, Amadi says that despite the rise of that technology, it has its disadvantages.

"People will tell you that you don't need links in the music industry to buss anymore because of social media. However, if you notice, social media only strives on shock value and gimmicks. You rarely see good content rewarded on social media," he said. "They want you to degrade yourself so that they can share it and you go viral. So I just want to appeal to the real people who control the business. give us a chance, man," he said.

Amadi said that he is focused on making relatable music.

"I may do a song that one person may not like, but 1,000 others out there who can relate. I sing songs for the ladies, the big man up a Norbrook, or even the youths downtown," he said.

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