Gospel Spotlight: Prophecy leads Dean 'Churchy' Smith to music

March 16, 2018
Dean 'Churchy' Smith

Dean 'Churchy' Smith had never given a second thought to music as a career option.

Though he had sung on the school choir as a child, being an artiste was never something he took seriously. But fate had other plans for his life.

Smith, who is the pastor of the Light Of The Gentiles International Church on Maxfield Avenue, revealed that he always knew that he wanted to be a preacher and teacher of the word.

He explained that his leap into music came about through a prophecy, and he did not question his calling.

"I was singing at church, but ... it wasn't until about sixth form at Kingston College and somebody prophesied to me that they see me as a worship leader that I took things serious," he explained. "The decision (being an artiste) wasn't really mine. I was only interested in being a preacher, an evangelist, but the direction from the Lord made me recognise that this is something that the Lord wants me to do."

Smith released his first single, titled Higher Place, in 2016. His EP of the same name was released today and is now available for purchase at his church.

The project is a testament of him getting to a higher place in God and may be the move that takes his career to a new level.

"I've always wanted to have not only the single out, but an EP as well. Things didn't go according to plan, and there were some obstacles we faced along the way, but now that it's out there, it will be an inspiration to everyone who listens," he said. "Higher Place was birthed out of a desire for more of God. Most Christians have that desire. They want to have that closer walk with God, and when they listen these songs, they will be encouraged to do what it takes to get that, and it's the same for those who will listen but aren't saved."

Admitting that the gospel industry is a hard one to break into, Smith told Gospel Spotlight that he's willing to put in the work and will be grateful for every opportunity he's granted to help him fulfil his purpose in music.

"I am grateful for what I have been able to accomplish. For the doors that have been opened so far, I can't complain. I have received some amount of exposure. Of course, there is room for improvement and growth, and I see where that is happening more and more each day," he said.

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