Peppa Ceed promoting 'Ice'

March 16, 2018
Peppa Ceed

United States-based artiste Peepa Ceed is in Jamaica, the land of his birth, to promote his latest single, Ice.

The dancehall artiste, whose given name is Garvin Hussey, is also a writer and producer.

In the song, he declares that he does not need to wear expensive jewellery to attract females as he is as cold as ice.

"I'm now back on home soil to embark on a month-long promotional campaign across the island," he said.

Peppa Ceed, who hails from rural St Andrew, returned to his hometown of Mount Airy and visited other locations across the island to connect with fans.

He said that his musical taste was influenced by the likes of Pinchers, Sanchez, and Singing Melody during his youth.

He launched his career shortly after migrating to the US 15 years ago. His previous songs include Girl Them Love Peppa, Inna Nigeria, and Whine Fi Peppa.

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