Horro General using slangs to gain fame

March 21, 2018
Horro General

Artistes have launched successful recording careers after gaining a foothold in the dancehall by coining popular dancehall slangs.

New kid on the block Horro General is bringing new words into dancehall and hopes to make a similar transition.

"What I've brought to the table are a new set of words in dancehall culture, which includes words like 'horroly', 'horrolife' and 'horroside'. These words are more than just slangs; these words are for the people who believe in morality and clean living," he said.

Horroly means to do things in a straight way, horrolife means to live clean, and horroside represents the people who live by good principles.

"Right now, these slangs have given me a platform to build on, and I plan to take things a step further by becoming a recording artiste, that's my main goal," he said.

Horro General is gearing up to make his recording debut with a song titled Portmore Warthem.

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