Music is more than entertainment, says X-Mezmo

March 21, 2018

Reggae artiste X-Mezmo believes that music is the most powerful way to educate and uplift the people.

"I view music in a much broader context than most people do. For me, it's more than just entertainment. Music has a greater purpose than that. It's an instrument of influence, and I choose to use my music to help people deal with their problems and uplift themselves by singing songs that have a positive message," he said.

The singjay, who hails from St Ann, launched his solo career in 2012 with the release of a single, titled Honest Road, on the Big House label.

Honest Road highlights some of the struggles that the artiste experienced in his childhood days and the music business.

"I'm not afraid to get personal with my music. A lot of what I record is dealing with self-awareness issues and my struggles. I do this so I can help other persons who are dealing with similar issues," X-Mezmo said.

X-Mezmo is currently promoting his latest single, You Know You. The song, which was produced by X-Mezmo, was released on the Roc One imprint in December

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